Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Feelin' Weepy

    Since I am leaving for the Philippines on Saturday and my Best Friend is set to leave for Hungary right before I get back and just left for Seiku for the week, today was most likely the last time I will see her for a year (unless my mother actually pulls through and we go to visit her during spring break).
    When we were little we always used to talk about how strange it would be to live so far away that to talk to her face to face would take more than a couple blocks walk and now it's happening about eight years before we had anticipated (assuming we were to go to college together and get our first studio apartment together (yes, I still have the floor plan we made in 5th grade)). So as she was leaving we hugged super awkwardly (neither of us are people who hug very often, maybe it's because we developed most of our aversions together) and I'm still sort of teary eyed.
   Love, love, love that girl. Definitely going to miss her the most.

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