Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This afternoon I caught my 70 year old dad whistling along to the radio.
It was playing Love Story by Taylor Swift.
I was mildly alarmed.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ricky Perry

    Now, it's probably not surprising that I consider myself a Democrat. I live in Western Washington for heaven's sake. Contrary to the position most people would expect to come from a person so far to the left, I am a supporter of capital punishment (Edit: The Troy Davis debacle/calamity/tragedy notwithstanding). As I stated about Bin Laden earlier, there are simply some people who deserve the ultimate punishment that can be given. On that note, I support Governor Perry's choice to stick up for his State's reputation with this controversial subject. Many of these people who act like it is all cut & dried and accuse him of being a "Nazi," and as much of a murderer as the men on death row, don't understand the extensive process it take for a person to actually make it to that execution chamber. Sure, mistakes happen and in theory the accused could be innocent men but many act like it is a common occurrence, that it doesn't take over five years to put someone on death row. It doesn't even save money to execute a man rather than keep them in jail or life. That just illustrates how much money is poured into making absolutely sure that they caught the right man. Sometimes they even die in prison before all of the appeals go through.
So, "Right on, Rick Perry!" I may not be voting for you in next year's election of you manage to get the nomination, but on this front I think you are being attacked more than you deserve.